Groom Genie Pet Nail File 2 Pack

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Find yourself saying (with annoyance): “Why does my fur baby get a mani/pedi more often than I do?" If so, it's time to add Groom Genie's Pet Nail Files to your home grooming routine. Our easy-to-hold, paw-shaped file helps keep nails looking and feeling great between grooming.

  • Ruff side takes down length, Buff side smooths out nails to prevent scratching.
  • “Trains” the nails to tolerate a shorter length without bleeding.
  • Less chance of injury than with a clipper.
  • Regular use decreases the need for in between grooming nail trims.

WORDS OF CAUTION: For external use on furry children only, do not use on human children. File with care to avoid over shortening of nails which can cause irritation. Keep out of reach of pets and children. Use the money you're saving on constant nail trims to get a manicure for yourself.

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