Straight Hair


Here are a few tips for straight, silky hair:

  • A bit of leave-in conditioner is awesome post-washing for straight hair as it prevents fly-a-ways and keeps styled hair smooth
  • Stay away from gels which contains alcohol as they can dry out hair. If you flat-iron (more on that later), pick a product made for heat styling.
  • Thick, straight hair should be brushed with your Knot Genie, one section at a time, until it's free of knots. Make sure to start at the bottom of each section where hair is the knottiest. Once all the sections are done, just brush all around to finish.
  • After drying with hot air, you can freeze in that gorgeous straightness with a shot of cold air from your hair dryer. Cold air actually helps removes "humidity" and helps the style set.
  • As a final step to glorious, straight hair, rub a small amount of thick gloss serum between your palms and smooth over the surface of your hair. Brush through your hair with The Knot Genie one last time. If weather conditions are humid or rainy, or if static is an issue, add a quick shot of hairspray.
  • A final note... (you flat iron addicts aren't off the hook yet). Even though the flat iron makes your hair to-die-for straight and shiny... it won't look like that forever. Use it sparingly and use a deep conditioning treatment as often as possible, ideally every other week. And make sure to cut your ends regularly, about 1/2 inch every 10-12 weeks.

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