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What kind of hair does the Knot Genie work best on?
We often show our product being used on very curly hair because these are the people that frequently write us (at their wits end) and then thank us a zillion times for changing their hairbrushing life! But curly hair is only one type of hair that responds magically to the Knot Genie. Straight, fine hair has been proven to tangle even worse than curly hair and is quickly untangled with a Knot Genie. We also get rave reviews from customers who use their Knot Genie on extensions and wigs.
How can I decide between ordering the Knot Genie vs. the Teeny Genie?
The Teeny Genie is 20% smaller and perfect for kids learning how to brush their own hair, travel, purses, diaper bags, gym/pool bags and for people who just prefer a smaller brush!
What do I get when I sign up for your VIP offers?
Knot Genie VIPs are the first to know about new products, fun contests and also occasionally get VIP-only coupons. Sign up today and your first surprise will be in your inbox tomorrow!
How do I know the Knot Genie is safe?
All Knot Genie products have been tested and are BPA free and comply with US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

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